Boutros Maghribi - 1 weight

Whilst some would see Arabic typography and calligraphy as mutually exclusive fields, we believe that the key to designing beautiful and legible Arabic fonts is a detailed understanding of the traditions of harmony and symmetry inherent to the art of Arabic calligraphy.
Founded by Mourad and Arlette Boutros in 1966, Boutros™ has led the field of Arabic typography, fonts and type design for more than 40 years. Working with leading Latin and Arabic type designers and technical experts, we have developed a diverse range of Arabic fonts for print, web and broadcast media as well as for bilingual signage and wayfinding design that meets the latest technological requirements and the creative needs of the Arabic speaking world. Our font gallery showcases an expanding list of Arabic and Latin fonts, which you can browse through and purchase.
Boutros™ Arabic experts lecture regularly on Arabic typography, type design and calligraphy at top international seminars as well as providing typographic consultancy services to many international organisations. Our consultants also host and provide input to London-based educational conferences for Middle East universities. You will find links to various events and related news here as well. In addition to type design, our services encompass branding, calligraphy, fine art and private commissions. Our site galleries are regularly updated with new projects and clients, so it would be worthwhile to bookmark and revisit our website for inspiration and ideas.