Arabic Fonts

Our library encompasses a vast range of fonts that reflects our long-standing expertise in the field of typographic communication. We regularly update it with new cutting-edge and screen-optimised fonts, such as Futura Arabic and Tanseek Modern, while continuing to maintain our oldest and most iconic typefaces, Boutros Advertising and Boutros MB, which have been in use for decades. From traditional to modern styles, these ranges have been created in harmony with Latin fonts to cater for the increasing demand for bilingual fonts in a global market. While some may disagree on the definitions of traditional and modern fonts, at Boutros, we’ve defined the line between the two.
We always look at traditional calligraphic scripts and their proportional systems for inspiration, but with our modern fonts, we devise an entirely new set of proportions while keeping a humanist and calligraphic feel to achieve optimal readability. Some fonts are best suited for large sizes and short text (Display), while others (Text) are optimised for smaller sizes and longer text, for example books, magazines and the like. Browse through our font library below and, if you wish to buy any of our Arabic fonts, you can place your order online. If you are unsure which font is the one for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you in making the right choice.