Art in Action Press Release 13 June 2013

, by George Kandalaft

Art in Action is a unique event where visitors can witness a wide range of artists and craftsmen at work. They come from many disciplines and encompass a myriad of forms and traditions.

Highlights for 2013 include:

Sarah Morpeth is a paper artist who makes books and illustrative cut paper pieces. She is inspired by many sources - from her obsession with British films of the Forties; poetry, philosophy, science fiction and stories. Using a wide range of processes, she often incorporates stitch, painting, hand and machine cutting, drawing, printing and bookbinding in her pieces.

James Oughtibridge was awarded joint 3rd in last year’s Best of the Best competition. He returns with his ceramic vessels constructed with numerous planes and perspectives, inviting the viewer to peer inside to a world of contorted shadows. Pieces often appear to float, with no visible flat base creating a tension with their surroundings. Initially overpowering, they hold delicate and enticing surfaces, with many hours spent refining, scraping and sanding surfaces to create gentle flowing curves.

Richard Symonds will be demonstrating in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation marquee. He has been specialising in life size oil paintings and pencil drawings of wildlife in their natural habitat for over 22 years. A keen conservationist, his last exhibition, Moonstruck featured drawings of Moon bears and other Asian wildlife and raised money for Animals Asia. Richard has raised thousands of pounds for a number of wildlife charities over the years.

Lectures, talks & workshops

This year Neville Wortman leads a fully interactive voice and movement workshop. Demonstrating how clear spoken English, elocution, breathing and communication techniques can improve speaking in public on all occasions.

Tom Bree is a geometer-artist, teacher and writer who specialises in the use of geometry in sacred art and philosophy. His talk will explore geometry as the governing principle of our earthly world as well as the wider cosmos. For this reason it has been recognised as significant within many different religious traditions.

Linda Proud is the author of five published novels, including the acclaimed Botticelli Trilogy. Her workshop is for the beginner who thinks they have a novel inside them and the writer who has started, but is struggling with their masterpiece. It aims to help overcome the devil on your shoulder who tells you that you don’t have the time, the right, the permission, the need, the talent, the motivation or whatever it takes to become a writer. You do.


Event details

Waterperry House,
Near Wheatley

Information: 020 7381 3192

18-21 July 2013, open 10am-5.30pm daily