Boutros-URW FuturaCon Arabic

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Boutros-URW FuturaCon Arabic

Designers: URW – Latin, Boutros Fonts/Arlette Boutros – Arabic

FuturaCon is a modern bilingual typeface designed and created by two professional groups, each expert in their own field. FuturaCon is a condensed version of Futura, one of the great names in typography - a geometric sans-serif typeface originally designed by Paul Renner for the Bauer Type Foundry in the first half of the twentieth century.
Futura is timelessly modern. Striking, tasteful and radical when it was first introduced, it continues to be a popular typographic choice to express strength, elegance and clarity. FuturaCon has the same style and spirit as the original Futura but with different thicknesses at most weights and much tighter letterforms, saving a lot of space.
The FuturaCon family has five weights for each - Latin and Arabic - variant (Extra Bold, Bold, Medium, Book and Light). Boutros FuturaCon was designed to work harmoniously with the URW-Latin whilst respecting Arabic calligraphic and cultural rules.
FuturaCon is an exceptionally versatile typeface, suitable for headlines, sub-headings and body text at a smaller point sizes. It is a good choice for space-sensitive environments and works well for short blocks of text copy and captions.
FuturaCon is a Registered Trademark of Bauer Types S.L.

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