Arabic Typography Workshop

Making Faces 14 November 2012, Dubai, UAE

, by George Kandalaft

Who should attend this workshop?

Whether you are a graphic designer interested in the creation of Arabic fonts, a typography enthusiast who would like to have a go at designing Arabic fonts, an Arabic font designer who
wants to learn from the experts in the industry or a creative professional interested in type design, and you would like to know more about the new Glyphs App specially created for designers who want to create their own finished fonts, then this workshop would definitely appeal to you.

What Making Faces is all about

Learn from the experts: Arlette & Mourad Boutros

They will be presenting case studies from their professional life focusing on their unique approach to design and describing the process they use in order to reach the desired results.

Furthermore, Arlette & Mourad will be available for questions all day, and by e-mail after the guest lecturers leave Dubai.

Halim Choueiry

Halim Choueiry will be leading a hands-on exercise featuring the processes involved in creating a typeface based on the methodology described in the book ’Talking About Arabic’.

Attendees will follow through the process in a step-by-step method, enabling them to continue developing what they have started at the workshop on their own at a later stage.

Design your own font with

This workshop will get you started with Glyphs, the font editor for the rest of us. You will learn how to start a professional font project and go through all the steps necessary for producing an OpenType font.

No type design experience required.

Making Faces (documentary screening)
Metal Type in the 21st Century
A film by Richard Kegler

This fascinating design documentary captures the personality and work process of the late Canadian graphic artist Jim Rimmer (1931-2010). In 2008, P22 type foundry commissioned Rimmer to create a new type design, Stern, that became the first-ever simultaneous release of a digital font and hand-set metal font. Rimmer was one of only few who possessed the skills needed to create a metal font.

This film is a unique opportunity to share Jim’s knowledge, processes and passions with the world.

Duration of documentary: 45 minutes

The speakers

Mourad and Arlette Boutros

Mourad and Arlette Boutros are internationally acknowledged as two of the world’s exceptional Arabic calligraphers, designers and typographers. Their work can be found in major institutions throughout the Arabic speaking world. Since 1976, their company, BoutrosTM, has focused on meeting the latest technological requirements and the creative needs of the Arabic speaking world. Its designers and technical experts are consistently at the forefront of new developments. Working globally, their projects have ranged from the creation of complete Arabic typeface collections for internationally renowned software and design houses to corporate Arabic logotypes and private commissions. BoutrosTM Arabic experts regularly lecture on Arabic typography at top international seminars, as well as providing typographic consultancy services to multinational organisations.

Halim Choueiry

Halim is a design thinker, educator and practitioner. Having obtained a Bachelor’s and two Master’s degrees, he is continuing his research interests investigating cultural mapping and cultural navigation while in parallel, applying his findings through his own design studio, Cinnamon, which specializes in the visual development of bilingual representations of cultural patterns. During his professional span, Halim occupied positions such as Icograda Vice-President and chairperson of the Arts+Design Department at the American University of Science and Technology [AUST] in Beirut, Lebanon. Halim has won several national and international design competitions and featured work in various design publications. He also has an extensive experience in judging student competitions and design/advertising awards. His involvement in international events includes conducting design conferences, student events‚ workshops and chairing Creative Nights, an interactive meet-up series held throughout the Arab countries. In addition to design consultancy, Halim revived Comma, the co-created, monthly Pan-Arab design publication with a new focus towards creative economies and design policies. His dedication to bringing about sustainable changes through design thinking and how the design process can be at the core of life and living, led him to contribute to the establishment of Commune, a Lebanese NGO serving as a platform for creativity in general and individual creative growth in particular.

Georg Seifert

Developer of the font design application Glyphs, Georg is a dazzling figure in the international type design scene. Born in Halle/Sa, Germany, in 1978 he studied at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, where he began to work on his first font family in 2002.

Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

Was born in Vienna and designs typefaces (first commercial releases shortly). Rainer also works for other type designers, teaches type design and typography at a graphic art school, gives type design workshops, writes articles for a design magazine, writes Python scripts, translates Dutch books on typography into German and writes the blog. Eric recently completed a degree in Philosophy and is currently writing his Dutch studies thesis. He shares his time between Vienna and Rotterdam.


The price for the full-day workshop will be $145
Each attendee will also receive a free copy of Talking about Arabic

Please note:
Studio11 is taking place at:
Dubai Knowledge Village,
Convention Center - Block 1
Seats are limited so kindly respond immediately to reserve your place.

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