Boutros International

More than four decades of Arabic typography

, by Ryan Matthews

Boutros International, headed by Mourad and Arlette Boutros, has led the field of Arabic creativity, typography, calligraphy and design for more than 40 years.

Since 1966, Boutros International has focused on meeting the latest technological requirements and publishing needs of the Arabic speaking world. Its team of designers and technical experts are consistently at the forefront of new developments. Working globally, projects have ranged in scale from the creation of typeface collections for internationally renowned software and design houses to corporate Arabic logotypes and private commissions.

Boutros International’s Arabic calligraphy, typography and design expertise covers the whole spectrum of Middle Eastern communications. Talented creative specialists are drawn from diverse backgrounds. They understand the importance of retaining core product values and brand integrity across linguistic and cultural frontiers and can provide vital advice at the early stages of any project or task. The multi-disciplinary team means that Boutros International can take a project from the conceptual stage to the market place, ensuring continuity of objectives and standards.

For more than 40 years Boutros International has responded to a wide variety of creative challenges, fuelling new Arabic calligraphy, typography and design styles. The eyes of the Arabic speaking world are exposed to Boutros International script and design work daily. From newspapers to advertisements for leading brands, their unique creations and typeface solutions literally reach millions.

Now, in collaboration with Panache Typography and with the commitment of Monotype Imaging, Boutros International will launch the first ranges of bilingual typefaces (Insijam) in the first quarter of 2007. Insijam will feature, for the first time ever, Arabic and Latin styles in harmony, demonstrating a continuous commitment to the demanding needs of the Arabic speaking world.

Based upon client feedback and extensive research in the Arabic font arena, new developments and designs will be added to the Boutros range on a continuous basis from January 2007.

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To aid designers and end users, Boutros has been introducing a constructive design-sourcing programme, utilising its worldwide distribution network and established marketing contacts. With the commitment of WinSoft, Letraset and GraphEast, for every selected typeface, successful designers will get a commercial agreement covering income from sales of the typeface designs as well as the latest Adobe Middle East products courtesy of WinSoft.

Boutros "Maghribi" is the latest in this sourcing programme after Boutros "Ahlam" and Boutros "Abla" illuminated typefaces. All these ranges offer a selection of elements to assist designers and publishers in the presentation of creative work. The quality and clarity of these typefaces are exceptional and are only available through Boutros International and its partners.

 Boutros "Abla" illuminated typeface designed by Krikor AGOPIAN.
 Boutros "Ahlam" illuminated typeface designed by Nadim MATTA.
 Boutros "Maghribi" typeface designed by Mourad BOUTROS and Rana ABOU RJEILY.